Bitcoin Casinos

Amongst numerous payment methods of sorts, online bettors have the chance to choose the Bitcoin system through which to conduct their financial transactions. Extremely modern and unconventional, banking with Bitcoins is reserved for the audacious gamblers who believe in the potential of the virtual world. For those of you that don’t know, Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency – a kind of virtual money. No banknotes, no metal coins, only virtual BTC units you can easily move around from your virtual Bitcoin wallet to your online casino account and vice versa.

The invention of Bitcoins has a great impact on the international commerce, but we’d say that online casinos are where the concept found a perfect application. Bitcoin casinos are, in fact, online gambling hubs that accept BTC as a valid currency and provide their customers with the Bitcoin payment method. Some have introduced BTC as another currency alongside existing, regular ones, while others completely dispense with traditional funding options and accept Bitcoins only. There are various benefits to using Bitcoins for online gambling. For one, the cryptocurrency protects your anonymity and funds at all times, you can use it on mobile and desktop, there are meager or no fees for BTC transactions, and your casino earnings in BTC are not subject to taxes. Find your Bitcoin casino on this page.